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Last update January 2013
Established in 2004, the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee (GABCC) provides advice from community organisations and agencies to Ministers on efficient, effective and sustainable whole-of-resource management, and coordinates activity between stakeholders.
The GABCC website provides general and technical information on one of the world's largest groundwater resources, recently awarded Australian hydrogeological wonder of the world.

Do you want to learn more about one of Australia's greatest natural wonders, the Great Artesian Basin?

The Great Artesian Basin Poster Map - now available for sale

This colourful, 3D poster celebrates a natural Australian wonder.  The poster is a wonderful resource for teachers, Visitor Information Centres, local communities within the GAB region, and their visitors. 

Download the Poster Map order form herePlease print, complete and return form.

Other GABCC educational products:

Water Down Under: The Great Artesian Basin Story on DVD
Water Down Under is a half hour DVD providing an entertaining and educational look at the rich story of the Great Artesian Basin, told by the people who live on it, and presented by the National Geographic's Hayden Turner. The DVD provides background on: the formation of the Basin; its significance to indigenous Australians, the importance of its water to unique ecological communities; the history of its use; and its role in exploration, settlement, pastoral development and tourism. To request a complimentary copy, please click here.
GABCC Fact Sheets & Briefing Notes
The GABCC has developed a range of other communication and education products including Fact Sheets and Briefing Notes
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities Teacher guide and lesson plans
This resource, developed by the Australian Government, provides teachers with resources and lesson plans that focus on sustainable water use in a significant region of Australia. Available for download here

GABCC scholarships
The GABCC offers two PhD top-up scholarships in ecological, physical, cultural or socio-economic aspects of the Great Artesian Basin. For further information, please click here

Some ways forward for coal seam gas and natural resource management in Australia
A major report An analysis of coal seam gas production and natural resource management in Australia: Issues and ways forward prepared for the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors by John Williams Scientific Services Pty Ltd was released in October 2012. 
GasFields Commission submission to Queensland CSG water management policy review
The Toowoomba based GasFields Commission which was established to work with the Queensland Government to ensure the CSG industry strikes a balance to meet the interests of landholders, local community groups and the environment, has released its submission to the Queensland CSG Water Management Policy review. Click here for details.

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